No Proper Marketing! No Proper Business

No Proper Marketing! No Proper Business

Let’s imagine this scenario: You are the most talented and skilled painter who paints the world’s most realistic paintings the eyes have ever beheld. The details in your paintings are breath-taking, as you preserve every line, dot, and wrinkle on the characters you paint that most people would dare touching to verify if those are real or not. It’s easy to admire and validate your work by the many. Yet, the admiration for your work is limited by the people who pass by your shop or those friends and relatives who have seen your art. You may sell 1 or 2 paintings but that’s not enough because your work hasn’t been displayed properly to the MASS. 

No proper marketing no proper business

Flaw alert!

There’s a flaw right here. Nobody knows who you are! How amazing your art is! You’re not discovered. You may have a passerby or two stop to admire your paintings, yet at the end of the day, you still have a shop full of them.

This is why complete digital marketing is so essential to successful businesses no matter the vertical. Without a proper digital marketing strategy, your scope is wonderfully limited. They may toss your name here and there around between relatives and friends, and then you’re forgotten just like that. Without proper marketing, businesses have no lasting impact whatsoever.

Marketing carries the word out about your project and spreads it quick to people that live thousands of miles away but still get the chance to check what you offer and decide if they want to buy in your service or product. It’s the only thing that allows you to link with prospects to inform them of all the services you offer to then prompt them to take actions and turn into customers. 

Proper marketing builds brand awareness and recognition that really pushes healthy competition between businesses that roll around the same verticals. Marketing is the fine element that boosts sales to a satisfying level to highlight your brand and let the world know about it.

Building reach and long term engagement comes with marketing strategies that don’t pause at just putting your product in pictures and adding catchy lines, but a combination of the latter with a proper website or app together with consistent and rich content, then a long checklist of bullet marketing points that need to follow to call your marketing proper.

How can you execute a proper marketing then?

Hard to define a complete digital marketing strategy without a couple of key points that I may dare to say ignoring them trips your marketing into incomplete!

Marketing without a properly designed and built website is pointless. So if you are running a business you should invest in a well designed and developed website.

Marketing without SEO is like building a house without painting it, it’s there but you hardly notice its existence. You should invest in hiring a good SEO agency or freelancers who have proven records of great results.

Marketing without social media can’t be complete. So make sure you have Facebook, Instagram, Google my Business, Linkedin, Twitter actively updated, the ideal is to hire someone or an agency that can do this work for you and ensure you are on track with social media.

Marketing without doing some media buys is a slow process. So if you can invest in doing some PPC, Facebook ads, push notification, native ads, display ads...don’t think twice because this strategy will sell immediately for you while the organic work is being cooked.

Of course, digital marketing depends on each and every business’ vertical but the steps are more or less the same. We will be dedicating posts for evert vertical with proven statistics to flavor arguments.

The challenges nowadays are not to make a short term impact but a long-lasting one that contributes to a strong business ground where many new business opportunities can pop up to your benefits. Proper marketing can sell anything, from a shitty how-can-I-buy-this sort of product and ideas to brilliant and sells-itself products that may require less commercial efforts. Proper marketing pushes your business’s overall potential, builds your online and offline reputation, and pushes your global reach. No success is ever ensured without proper marketing strategies.

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